Success Start

Quick and easy deployment using ProofHQ’s expert resources

The Success Start Program provides you with professional setup of your ProofHQ account, assistance with designing your ProofHQ workflow and complete training documentation for your team. It is a great way to implement online proofing quickly and efficiently. 


Here are the key reasons you should sign up for Success Start. You will:

  • Become fully operational in just three workshop sessions
  • Receive setup assistance and professional advice on your ProofHQ workflow configuration 
  • Get a complete training record and clear guidelines for all your review team members and future users 
  • Educate your internal ProofHQ trainer(s) to maximize a positive user experience for your team
  • Get answers to all your questions quickly  
  • Maximize the positive experience of your team members with ProofHQ
  • Achieve faster return from investment


The Success Start program includes:

  • Discovery Workshop Questionnaire about your organization and current workflow 
  • Discovery Workshop to gain in-depth understanding of your current workflow and provide you with guidance in your ProofHQ setup and workflow
  • Deployment Document, a complete training record that describes your workflow and details how to configure ProofHQ to support that workflow
  • Setup Deployment Workshop that will guide your administrators through setup and configuration of your account to best support your workflow 
  • Workflow Deployment Workshop that will present examples of your customized workflows supported by ProofHQ

Cost is based on implementation scope.


If you would like an example of the Deployment Document or have any further questions, please contact


Raves from ProofHQ customers

Here is what ProofHQ customers say about effects of Success Start Program.



Henson_small “From the time our company began looking at ProofHQ, your employees have been incredibly responsive and helpful. Through the testing, setup and implementation, I have been able to move forward with confidence, knowing that if I need any help your team is only a phone call away and is always eager and willing to help. You guys proved that you are willing to go above and beyond to help a customer in need. In this case, it involved modifying some data in the actual tables for us. Our executive committee is thrilled with how quickly our employees and customers have adopted this system and I would like to thank all ProofHQ staff for their help in making the transition as smooth as possible.”
Joe Purnell, IT/Systems Administrator, Henson Group Sports