Support overview

Learn how to get the most out of ProofHQ

Video tutorials and webinars

If you want to get some immediate training, then check out our video tutorials.


Getting started with ProofHQ

We have created a short Getting started guide to help you get your ProofHQ account set up quickly and properly. Learn how to brand your proofing environment, add users, and organize your proofs. Soon after, you will be creating and sharing proofs like a pro.


Introducing ProofHQ to your review team

We have created a short Reviewer guide to help you introduce ProofHQ to your team or clients. You can share the web page or PDF guide, and download a PowerPoint template if you want to use your own screenshots and brand the guide for your organization.


If you want to create your own demo movie, or just demo ProofHQ to your team, take a look at our Demo script. It provides a guide on how to run through all of the key features of ProofHQ.


Professional and enterprise training with our Success Start program

If you would like support from ProofHQ specialists then consider running our amazing Success Start program. This will get you fully operational in just 3 workshop sessions. Each session is interactive and lasts approximately 1-2 hours, after which you will be provided with a detailed deployment guide written specifically for your organization.


Check out our tips, tricks and FAQs

Whether you’re just interested in exploring the functionality of ProofHQ, or if you’re stuck and need to know how to do something, you will want to check out our FAQs and Quick Tips pages.


Ask us a question

If you still have questions, check our Help pages or contact us via email or phone.