Online proofing for tech and telecoms

Structured, coordinated online proofing system simplifies complex, fast-paced marketing projects

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The pace of technological change and digital shift drives a constant flow of new product and service releases from the tech and telecoms sectors. The creative marketing of technology gets almost as much attention as the products themselves, so tech and telecom marketers tend to operate at the edge of the ordinary. Campaigns are multi-market and multi-media, and marketers need tools just as sophisticated and powerful as the products themselves. With online proofing, technology and telecoms marketers get a review resource that is perfectly at ease in their digital world.

Online proofing for tech and telecoms

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Marketing teams in technology and telecoms must deliver projects at an incredible rate. Constantly changing technology and highly competitive markets create brutal deadlines and high visibility for errors. Making the proofing task even more difficult, producing marketing materials involves multiple reviewers across different locations. Some regions and consumer agencies impose strict regulatory requirements, so content must be closely monitored during proofing. ProofHQ online proofing helps track and manage review and approval workflow, so teams can bring competitive strategies to market faster. Approval cycles are up to 50 percent shorter, with one platform for print, web and video content. The result is tight brand control over all deliverables. With fewer proofing headaches, brand managers can focus on marketing excellence, not on day-to-day, hour-by-hour project management.
  • 56%* faster project delivery for quicker speed to market
  • Integrated development of multi-channel marketing
  • Real-time collaboration and feedback across global teams
  • Greater visibility into project bottlenecks
  • Approval accuracy and time-stamped audit trail
  • Average number of revisions reduced from 3.9 to 2.8*, a 29%* reduction.
  • Streamlined proofing reduces time spent managing reviews by an average of 59%*.
  • On average, Internal Rate of Return is 4,441%*, or $40 for every $1 spent on ProofHQ.

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Raves from technology and telecoms marketers

Here’s what tech and telecoms marketers have to say about productive ProofHQ proofing tools and automation.




“ProofHQ has given us greater agility and productivity, allowing for greater execution on our jobs. The approval process is now in a very good place”

Edson Ogata, Head of Creative, Asus Brazil




At ClearGears we iterate fast, so we need tools that can keep the pace, not slow it down. ProofHQ is one of those. It just works, is intuitive, and eventually you wonder how you ever did without it. We find ProofHQ especially useful because our designer works from one place and our developers work from another.”

Arshad Chowdhury, ClearGears