A main component of effective marketing project management is the creative review and approval process. Unfortunately, many marketing teams fail to recognize and organize this business-critical process. And in some cases, that process might be broken or, worse, non-existent. To gut check the health of your review and approval process, take this five minute quiz.


Take this quiz to determine potential shortcomings in your review and approval process, and how they may be fixed.

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Which best describes your current review and approval process?
How frequently are projects misplaced?
How much time do your team members spend on administrative tasks involving the review and approval process (such as chasing down proofs, handing off proofs, etc.)?
How often does your team miss deadlines for marketing projects due to bottlenecks in the review and approval process?
How much time does it typically take to review and approve a proof?
From concept to completion, how many versions would a typical proof go through?
Do you track productivity metrics?
Do you use an automated review and approval application?
How do you know if you have the most current version of your proof?
How do you know that each team member's comments and suggested edits are addressed?

How Broken is Your Review and Approval Process?

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