What our customers are saying

Faster approval times, reduced costs and happier clients are just three of the many benefits experienced by our customers. But don’t take our word for it…


Andrea_McCulloch“Before ProofHQ we had to over-communicate to get our job done.  Now it’s a lot less running around and hand-holding, and we can actually take on more projects at once since we have visibility into the projects that we didn’t have before.”  Read the case study

Andrea McCulloch, traffic coordinator
Bare Escentuals – cosmetics



The Innocent team“ProofHQ has revolutionised the way we proof our designs. We have lots of live projects simultaneously and with ProofHQ it’s easy to follow up what’s been done and what needs to be done, all the comments stay in one place and there’s no issues of losing information. The way you can mark up directly on the digital proof it’s a bliss. Our technical team are well chuffed about this new technology “it’s the future”. I particularly love the fact that I can check my proofs anywhere and not only in the office – bring it on working from home.

Happy days with ProofHQ – yeah yeah”

Delia Alarcon
Innocent – food and drinks (FMCG)



sml-logo-01“Since introducing ProofHQ to our clients we have virtually eliminated our paper proof review process. Our communication process has been streamlined and e-mail communications has been dramatically reduced. The comment history, version control and the task assignments has allowed not only us, but our customers, to take ownership of their part of the review/approval process. We are now rolling this workflow out to other satellite offices for use with their customers. ProofHQ is a fantastic, easy to use product.”

David Gearhart,  Key Account Manager/Global Print Production Lead
SML Retail Package Design, Inc. – packaging design/print supplier



Paul Stafford“Since the introduction of ProofHQ we have been able to eliminate our old paper based sign off system. This has dramatically improved transparency, workflow and efficiency of turnaround, significantly speeding up artwork approval. All work has a thorough audit trail and version control, essential for a regulated industry. In addition it has also improved communications between all the various departments involved, including third parties, compliance and marketing.”

Paul Stafford,  studio manager
Admiral Insurance – insurance



Volac logo“Using ProofHQ has transformed the way we work, using a paper based process before it has enabled us to streamline our approval and reviewing process while giving us some fantastic proofing tools. As a job owner/reviewer you can see at a glance which job needs your attention therefore saving time.”

Jackie Bradley,  marketing co-ordinator
Volac – food and drink



Jason Craig“I have been designing for 14 years and I am always thinking about the time ProofHQ would have saved me. I now spend less time chasing people down for approvals and more time doing what I love to do.”

Jason Craig, senior designer and production coordinator
Wierhouse – graphic design/marketing



Kane_and_Finkel“ProofHQ have been amazing; they are very supportive and very attentive,and take our needs into consideration. Customer service is key and that is an area where they excel.”

Alis Polatyan, vice president of agency services
Kane & Finkel – healthcare communications agency



pc-world-team-photo-01“ProofHQ has been a great addition to our project management & design process. It’s easy to use and now allows the sales, design, project management & development teams to work seamlessly. It also helps us speed up the approval process when it comes to rolling out new products.”

Kevin Barden
PCWorld | Macworld & GamePro – publishing/advertising



mountain_cycle“ProofHQ is a truly great concept and using it makes life so much easier by streamlining the proofing and ultimately the creative process. Great work!”

Gerard Thomas, design director
Mountain Cycle – manufacturing



angie_jacks“ProofHQ saves us significant time in client review and project management.In just a few clicks, I can upload a proof from my desktop and see at-a-glance which proofs are open and which have been approved.”

Angie Jacks, graphics manager
Worrell Corporation – print and promotional products



Linemark“Now we get proofs to our customers quickly and efficiently, and it?s easy for them to review, approve, and move on with their day.” Read the case study

Tom Thayer, technical director
Linemark – print and communications



logo-innomedia“Using ProofHQ has accelerated turnaround time by 30-40%.”

Avinash Keshan, managing partner
Innomedia Creations – creative agency



tony“ProofHQ has been great. I love how it organizes and keeps track of everything. Anything that I have wanted to go in and change, the system has allowed me too. It’s been a big time saver with clients.”

Tony Naccarrato, freelance graphic designer
325 Studio – creative agency


alvin_kline“Using ProofHQ and Basecamp together transforms how we work with clients to get feedback on design work.”

Avin Kline, founder
Web Success – web design agency



marquis1“We use ProofHQ on a daily basis and we absolutely love it. Our clients love it, too. It’s a simple, efficient way to keep the review process flowing.”

Lesley Morrison, Account Executive
Marquis Software – ad agency



lee_taylor“ProofHQ has enabled us to streamline our approval and reviewing process while giving us some fantastic proofing tools which enable very coherent communication between reviewer and author. In addition the system integrates into Basecamp which we use for project management, therefore we can see the history of a document review in the context of a project, we even use ProofHQ to manage our project approval process from within BaseCamp. All in all, ProofHQ is an awesome tool and one I would highly recommend”

Lee Taylor, International Technical Director
Sunny Delight beverage company – beverage manufacturer


lucinda“ProofHQ is totally awesome and the support is quite unlike any other support I have ever had, really personalised and immensely helpful. The video tutorials are enlightening too, but after a few days you soon get the hang of it either way. Whilst the first plan is free, you soon find yourself upgrading as it’s so good, you’ll be using it for all of your work”

Lucinda Holland, Founder
Lucida Design – web and graphic design agency



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