Trend reclame & advies

A custom publisher switches from printed to online proofs and instantly slashes work hours from review cycle

Trend reclame & advies


“The review cycle has been cut significantly and ProofHQ has become part of Trend reclame & advies’ everyday process.”


Trend reclame & advies is a Holland-based publisher of custom publications including traditional printed advertisements, magazines and brochures. At first the publications it produced for clients were relatively short, only a few pages in length. Eventually, they ballooned into 100-plus-page projects that required multiple reviewers and substantial amounts of review time.





ProofHQ solution

Trend reclame & advies’ creative department would print hard copy proofs of drafted design to send to clients. With the number of pages for each project growing, simply printing, binding and sending copies to reviewers required an excessive number of hours. Feedback from each reviewer came in the form of handwritten notes on the hard copies themselves, leaving it up to the account manager to collect and organize comments for the next round of proofs. This made for a needlessly slow and cumbersome process. Trend reclame & advies streamlined its workflow so well that it now uses ProofHQ internally when preparing documents before sending them to clients for approval. ProofHQ’s functionality allows account managers to set specific roles for reviewers throughout the process rather than having to set them up each time. The threaded commenting has allowed for simultaneous discussions that have significantly sped up review and approval. Not only can the reviewers provide feedback, they now have real-time collaboration to agree on the next best steps for design. Additionally, ProofHQ’s innovative version control has made it easier to keep track of comments and ensure that feedback was incorporated by allowing side-by-side comparison of proof versions.




No longer tethered to routing hard copy proofs and collating feedback, Trend reclame & advies’ process is now dramatically simpler. Managing proofs is much easier and hours are significantly reduced from each review cycle, greatly enhancing the publishers’ customer service and enabling it to take on additional work as well to generate greater revenue. Since all comments are centralized in one repository, the publisher now has a stronger audit trail which allows it to invoice more accurately for each round of amends.

Trend reclame & advies