For visual learners, our videos provide all you need to know about getting started with ProofHQ, as well as a few of our key partner integrations


Get1Free Increases Production and Quality of Work

ProofHQ eliminates a workflow and production bottleneck.

Go Mobile with ProofHQ

Marketers, their colleagues and clients can experience the efficiency of ProofHQ review and approval from any mobile device.

What is ProofHQ? What is Online Proofing?

Check out this explainer video to see how online proofing can make your team more productive and more creative.

Introduction to ProofHQ

Our entertaining video shows how online proofing can make a difference.

Quick ProofHQ Tour

Take a quick tour and see for yourself what ProofHQ can do.

ProofHQ Video Tutorials

Learn basic ProofHQ features and functions with the help of our video tutorials.

Short demo of the ProofHQ Viewer

Short demo walks you through the powerful features of the new ProofHQ Viewer.

Quick tour of Automated Workflow

This short video demonstrates how Automated Workflow will benefit your review and approval process.

Adobe Creative Suite and ProofHQ Integration

See how designers can send documents directly from Adobe Creative Suite to ProofHQ.

Basecamp and ProofHQ Integration

How Basecamp users can collaborate, review and approve all in one place.

Box and ProofHQ Integration

See how ProofHQ adds powerful content review and approval tools to Box content management.

SharePoint and ProofHQ Integration

Integrating ProofHQ’s rich approval tools into your SharePoint experience.