What is ProofHQ

ProofHQ is an online proofing software platform that helps marketing teams streamline the review and approval of creative content, delivering marketing projects faster and with less effort, compared to the manual processes that many teams use today.

More channels mean more content and creative


In the last decade the volume of content produced by marketing teams has exploded. That content is being produced for a rapidly growing number of distribution channels. The timeframes that marketing teams have to produce content are getting shorter, as more marketing spend moves to digital. Brand and regulatory compliance impacts marketing more than ever. Each piece of content is analysed for performance and results.

And each piece of content needs to be reviewed and approved


Traditional creative review processes are broken

It used to be that manual review and approval processes were “good enough”. Sure, they were time-consuming and inefficient, but they “kind of” worked. In the good old days the answer was to simply throw more people at the problem, and anyway, projects ran for several months so there was plenty of time to get things done.


Without changing the way they work, marketing managers are simply overwhelmed by the volume of creative content that they need to produce.

In the new world of marketing, the old processes simply don’t work.


Online proofing in a nutshell

Online proofing puts the creative content process in the cloud.


Creative content of any type is shared with the review team. The review team provides feedback collaboratively. All feedback is gathered in one place. Revisions are made and review process repeated until the content is approved. After approval content is distributed to the appropriate channel.


Marketing managers have access to tools to help them route creative content to the right reviewers in the right sequence. They’re also provided tracking tools to see the status of each project.


Senior managers have access to analytics to measure the efficiency of the whole process.


The net result is that projects are delivered faster, with less effort and greater levels of brand and regulatory compliance.


Online proofing is the bridge between creation and consumption of creative content


Immediate Time to Value and ROI

Marketers are overwhelmed with the new marketing technologies available to them. Many of these technologies take months to roll out, and it can be very difficult to measure the return from the investment in them.


Online proofing, and ProofHQ specifically, is different! In fact, it might be the quickest win for marketing when it comes to deploying new technology.


ProofHQ can be deployed in less than a week, and our customers see the benefits immediately. An independent consultancy measured the results achieved by ProofHQ customers:

  • For every dollar spent on ProofHQ, $40 per month was earned back
  • 56% improvement in average project delivery – four-week projects now delivered in less than two
  • 29% fewer revisions or rework – average number of versions reduced from 3.9 to 2.8
  • 59% less project management effort managing review and approval
  • 38% of respondents switch to ProofHQ to manage auditing for compliance in marketing

For more information about Online Proofing check out our guide to online proofing.