ProofHQ Connector for Workfront

Tight integration between online proofing and work management for faster project delivery




As recognized leaders in the Online Proofing and Enterprise Work Management software sectors, Workfront and ProofHQ have partnered to offer customers the best of both systems. The integration is designed to give customers greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency, and quality when working between ProofHQ and Workfront.



ProofHQ-Workfront connector screenshot




See the ProofHQ Connector
for Workfront in action.









How does it work?

ProofHQ customers can leverage the powerful project management and tracking capabilities of Workfront by seamlessly integrating ProofHQ proofs with Workfront projects, people and tasks.

  • Connect proofs and projects: Link a proof to a Workfront project

  • Manage more efficiently: Add Workfront project team members as reviewers on proofs from directly inside ProofHQ
  • Improve visibility: Create “proof review” tasks in Workfront from directly inside ProofHQ
  • Work faster: Seamlessly switch between ProofHQ proofs and Workfront projects and view proofs in ProofHQ from inside Workfront projects
  • Streamline workflow: Harness the power of ProofHQ’s Automated Workflow, and keep your projects on track by triggering review and approval tasks according to your project plan.



1. Link a ProofHQ proof with a Workfront Project

workflow step 1


2. Tasks created in Workfront for people added to a ProofHQ proof

workflow step 2


3. Sync ProofHQ proof deadlines with Workfront task completion dates

workflow step 3


4. Access a Workfront task directly from ProofHQ

workflow step 4


5. Access a ProofHQ proof directly from Workfront

workflow step 5