ProofHQ Connector for Xinet

Review and approve digital assets from inside Xinet

This ProofHQ Connector for Xinet has been developed and is supplied by Loop Digital.

Xinet® Suite provides secure, remote access to server-based media assets and creates an efficient workflow with a range of media asset management tools. The metadata powered tools truly streamline the creative process producing a workflow centric environment in which it is easy to ingest, access and distribute media assets.
With ProofHQ Connector for Xinet, users get the full power of ProofHQ’s review and approval capabilities enabled directly inside the Xinet interface. This streamlines routing and tracking of assets for review, accelerates project delivery and reduces project management overhead.


See how the ProofHQ Connector for Xinet works






Key Features and Benefits of the Connector

The ProofHQ Connector for Xinet gives Xinet users the full power of ProofHQ’s review and approval capabilities:

  • Manually or automatically sync assets in Xinet with ProofHQ
  • Folder-level sync so that assets added to a folder in Xinet will be automatically routed for proofing in ProofHQ
  • Routing assets in ProofHQ using the ProofHQ Automated Workflow. When an asset is sent to ProofHQ an automated workflow template can be automatically applied to the proof. Automated workflow templates enable you to configure stages, reviewers, decision-makers and deadlines for your review workflow
  • Enabling review teams to provide feedback using ProofHQ’s sophisticated markup and commenting tools
  • Enabling project managers to track the progress of each asset through the review process using ProofHQ’s sophisticated workflow tools
  • With the proof in a single cloud-based location, review teams located across the globe can get projects approved and completed on time and with less management overhead




Production Central

Production Central is an alternative solution that integrates ProofHQ with Xinet and is also developed by Loop Digital. Production Central supports the approval life cycle of media assets through folder-based workflows. Click here for more information.